Posted Jan 15, 2014

Things to Do at Yoga Rocks, around Triopetra and further afield

There are many things to do round the retreat and further afield. Though most guests do very little and really relax, there are always options. Here's a mini guide:

This is a popular pastime at Yoga Rocks.
There is always at least one kind of massage. We think it very important that a high quality massage is available for you at Yoga Rocks to complete your relaxation. We have had some incredibly talented masseurs ranging from oil massage and Thai massage to deep healing.
Swimming Pool & Hammock Lounge
We have a swimming pool and shaded and sunny hammock lounges.
HammockLounge at Yoga Retreat Rocks Retreat
Library & Film Night
Our library has a good selection of yoga and reading books. Sometimes we have film night if it suits the week.
Cinema Night at Yoga Retreat Yoga Rocks
Beaches & Swimming
There are four beautiful beaches within walking distance and many more if you hire a car for the week. One is completely unspoilt. There is a beach either side of the three rocks that give the area its name - Triopetra.
You can snorkel - it is not prolific tropical reef but there are some nice fish and the visability can be mind blowing. Click here to check out the fish. The octopus below was spotted just below the retreat - thanks Denis for the photo.
Octopus at Yoga Retreat - Yoga Rocks
Can we borrow snorkels?
Yes we have snorkels, masks and flippers for you to borrow.
There are lots of nice walks around the retreat.
A popular afternoon out is to go to Spili which is about forty minutes drive and has many shops for tasteful souvenirs and tavernas for, amongst other things, traditional ice coffee.
Spili fountains
Agia Galini
Agia Galini is a pleasant seaside holiday town 30-40 minutes by car east of Triopetra. It is a busy little place and you will appreciate the peace and quiet of Yoga Rocks on your return.
A little further afield from Yoga Rocks is Matala where Joni Mitchell and lots of other hippies once lived in caves. You can see the caves, a nice beach and lots of tourist shops. Guests return back with completely conflicting reviews but we like it! It makes a nice addition to a day out at Phaistos.
Phaistos/Festos Palace
Crete is full of ancient history and the best place to see it within in a day trip from Yoga Rocks is Phaistos and its a spectacular setting for a palace. Click here for an interesting web page on Phaistos or another webpage is here
Nick Karma Yogi From Yoga Rocks At Phaistos
Knossos is too far to visit from the retreat in a day trip but you could go and see it easily on your way to Heraklion airport. It is the most famous archaeological site on Crete. This site has a lot of information on it - click here
Psiloritis/Mount Ida
Interestingly you can still see snow on the top of Psiloritis, Crete's highest mountain, from the retreat in to June - a great sensation when you come out of the yoga room into the warm sunshine wearing your shorts and vest. In Greek mythology this was where Zeus spent much of his childhood.
View of Psiloritis from Yoga Rocks, Triopetra
So much more!
There are so many things to do on Crete that are a little too far to do in day trips whist on retreat. We're happy to help if you fancy extending your holiday on the island after the retreat and using some of your new found energy to get to know anything from Europe's biggest gorge to the delights of Chania.