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Phil & Helen

Helen and Phil are delighted to be your hosts for an incredible retreat of life enhancing yoga and fabulous food at tremendous Triopetra in 2014! Having been together for fifteen years, and visited many places around the globe, we are looking forward to making your yoga retreat a holiday from which you will return feeling refreshed and revitalised. We're English, though have lived outside the UK for most of our time together.                         
Phil, whose father was from Crete, has been working with tourists for many years, has taught yoga and practised Thai Yoga massage. He believes that forcing life or yoga is counter productive. Enjoy the experience and you find the progression that you stopped looking for.               
Helen’s fascination with yoga began as a child. A more serious interest started at the age of 20 after which her practice started to develop into a lifestyle. Ten years on in 2005 she did a teacher training and is dedicated to showing people how a practice which begins on the mat can lead to a happier and more balanced existence in the real world.     
If you have any questions, no matter how trivial, over which of our retreats or quality teachers are for you or about the different styles of yoga available, please email Helen and she will happily help you out. Or check out
Helen also loves snorkelling. There are many fish to be spotted and the visibility is world class (even if the residents are a little shyer than on the profuse reefs she is used to!) So bring your snorkel. Click here for some fish.                          
At Yoga Rocks we celebrate the similarities between yoga styles rather than looking for the superficial differences. Our teachers have in common a wish to spread BIG love, openness and joy. Though we enjoy the highs of the physical practice we understand how taking this energy off the mat into the lives of those who we love close to us, and those who we may not love quite so much further afield, is the where the real challenge begins.                                   


The Team

We have a changing team of helpers. Everyone brings their own unique qualities and energies, engaging with the guests and helping make the retreat experience the unforgettable time that is your holiday with Yoga Rocks.

See Trip Advisor reviews  for our yoga holidays.  

Guestbook comments in 2012:

Sandra (May): Even in my wildest dreams I couldn't have hoped for anything better. I enjoyed every moment of your wonderful company & paradise. Here & now every minute! Thanks a million for making sure we were all fed (in plenty), relaxed, yoga-ed and rejuvenated with wild mountain tea.  

Bente (May): Thank you so much for creating an amazing space for us. Sharing your love and joy of life has been very inspiring and touching to experience. Thank you for your generousity - a super great retreat!   

Bernd (June): You've created a wonderful environment and atmosphere for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely hospitality! Yoga Rocks is a fantastic place.  

Paul & Maria (June): Your retreat is a beautiful place (within and without) - the setting is majestic and enhanced by all the people who make it possible.   

Liane (July): Thank you so much for all you have done for us and for your gifts to us: a beautiful place to relax and do yoga, wonderful food, lovely people and lots of love! All was beyond my wildest expectations.   

Tina (July): Thank you for creating (channeling?) the magic, again! This warm welcoming atmosphere here is so special and the location is perfect...thanks ... for so much welcoming, caring, laughing, tidying, cooking (wow!) ....somehow you brought together, here, an amazing group of people from around the world . Big Love!   

Claire (August): Thank you for such an enriching experience. I've enjoyed every moment of my stay here. It is the most beautiful place. What a fantastic place! Yoga Rocks will always have a place in my heart.
Murielle (August): Thank you so much for this unique experience. Sky is the most generous teacher I ever met. He transforms people from the inside with kindness and gentleness. You team are lovely and loveable. What a treat. I got a lot more than I needed, beyond my dreams.   

Leo (August): There are no words to express the experience. I am sorry but cannot express my feelings either. But - YES!!!! THANK YOU.  

Claire (September): Thank you for making a generous, open and friendly atmosphere where everyone is included and cared for. This is a special place... I'm leaving full of happy memories.   

Alison (October): Thank you for another beautiful, bountiful week of bliss :-)



In 2011:    

Nicky (May): Thanks for a wonderful holiday. It was just what I needed and better than expected…The food teaching and hospitality was all wonderful. A very special place! Xx    

Sanjeev (May): Beautiful retreat in a wonderful place. Your hospitality and kindness is wondrous!     Felt very at home and at peace here. Thanks for sharing.    

Rikke and Lotte (May): I don’t where to start. It has been an absolutely amazing retreat. Yoga Rocks rocks. What an amazing place and lovely people. The week has been a nice journey; mentally and physically. I’m full of loving kindness and have new batteries…Fantastic classes, super tasty food, great group of people, lots of fun, swimming in the sea and walking in the mountains all made this week one that I will remember for the rest of my life.     

Sam (May): Loved my holiday here. You are all so kind and fun. Veggy food is ok by me now!    

Erika (June): Dearest Yoga Rocks sweethearts, You are all so beautiful – so openhearted, kind and so very generous – you have made this place such a special retreat centre.    

Rose (June): Dear Everyone, Thanks for the love, nurturing, friendship fun and laughter and fabulous vision of the centre.    

Siri Arti (August): A perfect escape as a Mummy I have not found until coming here. You hold a wonderful space and I could get really back in touch with me.   

Sapna (August): Thank you so much for a truly restorative stay. This retreat has been wonderful – the hospitality and food has been amazing and the yoga fantastic.    

Louise (August): Thank you for a fantastic stay. It’s the first time I’ve done something like this and can truly say it exceeded all expectations. Beautiful spot, great people, excellent food and of course fab yoga!     

Lucy (September): Thanks you so much for an amazing holiday. The food, this gorgeous place, the laughs – all of it I have loved.    

Saidah (October): Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. Yoga Rocks in Triopetra is truly magical.
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In our guestbook in 2010:              
Anne (October): Thank you for a lovely time...wonderful nature/surroundings and retreat. Really relaxing week. Very good food.   

Marie (September): All this felt so normal and so at home, which I think is quite special for a place so far away from my real home and everyday life.    

Astrid (August): Thank you so much for everything. I really loved every part of it. My smile was real, I found a lot of happiness in here. Thank you for your kindness, your warmth, your jokes...I felt really welcome. I loved the food and the room, in fact the whole place! Yoga gives me so much, thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience it here with you.    

Nichi Green - The Yoga Space, Leeds (August): What a fantastic place to come and teach. Thank you so much for having me. I loved every minute.    

Heidi (August): Thank you so much for having me. I was so amazed when I arrived, this place is paradise...     

Jackie (August): What a fantastic week this has been!! Beyond any of my are so warm and welcoming as are the people around you...a very lovable and inspirational week on a beautiful spot...I hope that many more people will enjoy the same things I did.    

Vivien (July): An extraordinary time - its been more than real. You're both fantastic, kind, generous and loving. Thanks for everything.    

Shai (July): Thank you all very much for providing such a great space to be. Food was beautiful & the atmosphere relaxed & accepting...a great week, giving permission to be whoever you are.    

Luca (July): Without doubt, this has been the best holiday of the past 10 years. For me, the combination of yoga, excellent food, unspoilt beaches and gorgeous weather changed my life. I am going back home in a floating state and with batteries fully recharged....If you combine the beauty of the island with healing powers of yoga, then this results in the perfect holiday break. Thank you so much and see you soon.   

Christian & Lena (May): The name of your company could be called ''Rock Solid Service Team'' so nice you have all been to us! You might have graduated from the ''reading'' of the book ''The Diamond Cutter'' by Michael Roach - if not, it is as if anyway.    

Helena (May): In Swedish there's a word called 'Hamna' and is a version of the English word 'Harbour'. Instead of being a place, 'Hamna' is a flow, a movement, when life, people, coincidences make you 'Hamna'(end up) somewhere magical that you weren't expecting, planning or even thinking of as a possibility. To 'Hamna' with you here at this magic cliff, your energy and warmth is one of the greatest 'Hamnas' of my life! I'll be back.'
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