Melanie Cooper

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Melanie's calm, generous and analytical teaching is loved by all whatever their yoga experience. On this retreat you’ll enjoy the opportunity to develop a personal Ashtanga practice to take away as well as delve into Yin Yoga and more.


Currently Melanie leads morning Mysore classes at London’s Life Center as well as workshops throughout London.  She also offers teacher training in Goa for Brahmani Yoga as well as in London jointly with Norman Blair. Having just published her book Teaching Yoga, Adjusting Asana, guests can feel confident of having their practice supported in the right direction. We love her style of softening Ashtanga for beginners while taking those who are ready deeper.    

Melanie will lead Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga mornings with the option of either a self practice Mysore style, and/or a led class for those who prefer a bit more structure. Emil Lime assists Mel, giving extra support throughout. Absolute beginners and experienced yogis alike benefit from their intelligent adjustments and clear teaching.   

Balancing the morning practice will be Yin Yoga afternoons - a slow and deep form of yoga, melting into each pose. Mel also likes to incorporate Pranayama and Yoga Nidra into the afternoon classes. There's also optional evening chanting that was well received last year. 

Melanie Cooper past retreats at Yoga Rocks as well as interviews with Helen.

price 800 euros

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