2015 Yoga Retreats

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Welcome to Yoga Rocks in 2015  

At our magical location in Crete we have an amazing range of world renowned teachers joining us for week long yoga retreats and holidays.   

All our teachers aim to advance your holistic understanding of yoga in a caring and nurturing way. Add to this the helpful team, genuine hosts and amazing cuisine and you have a truly transformative opportunity and unforgettable holiday.     

There’s something for everyone - if in doubt please write and ask us about any of the retreats.                   
19-26 April 2014 Josie Sykes: Holistic & nurturing Vinyasa flow for Easter
3-10 May 2014: Melanie Cooper: Morning Mysore & Led Ashtanga, afternoon Yin Yoga & more
10-24 May 2014 Maria Boox: Traditional Mysore Ashtanga mornings & more
31 May-7 June 2014 Coral Brown: Shiva Rea’s energising Prana Flow Yoga      
5-12 July 2014 Helen Reavill: Caring Vinyasa Flow, pranayama & more   
2-16 August 2014 Sky: Unique, funky and deeply working yoga retreat    
16-23 August 2014 Simon Park: Prana Flow Teacher Training module   
30 August-13 September 2014 David Williams: Ashtanga Yoga holiday with the veteran
20-27 September 2014 Danny Paradise: Freestyle Ashtanga fun
27 September-4 October 2014 Liz Warrington: Soothing Scaravelli yoga   
11-18 October 2014 David Lurey: Vinyasa Flow with Acro yoga and more
18 October-1 November David & Mirjam Level II Teacher Training 

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