Nora Heilmann & Tamar Samir

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Nora & Tamar are delighted to be offering a transformational Jivamukti retreat at Yoga Rocks. Jivamukti Yoga aspires to a non-violent lifestyle, meditation, devotion, deep listening and study of sacred texts. These aspects are integrated into creative, active vinyasa sequences that are literally 'hot, hip and holy'! This retreat will dive into self-exploration through in-depth asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting and more.

Together, as advanced Jivamukti teachers, they love to share the magical art of yoga. They hope to show how through yoga play and creativity we can re-awaken our connection to other human and non-human animals, mother nature, and life itself.

Tamar serves as a inspiring mentor in the Jivamukti Yoga Apprenticeship program and Nora is currently exploring nada yoga (the yoga of sound) with the didgeridoo, an exciting journey into pure vibration! 

800 euro

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Nora Heilman Meditation Yoga Rocks Nora Heilmann and Tamar Samir Vibhadrasana Nora Heilman and Tamar Sami Adho Mukha Savanasana and Urdhra Vrksasana Nora Heilman teaching salamba sirsasana at Yoga Rocks 2013 Nora Heilman Bakasana Eka pada koundinyasana and hamasana with Nora Heilmann and Tamar Samir Trikonasana Yoga Rocks with Nora Heilmann Jivamukti yoga retreat with Nora and Tamar Nora Heilmann dhaurasana adjustment Yoga Rocks Pratyahara Nora Heilmann Tamar Samir Yoga Rocks retreat 2015 Nora Heilmann plays didgeroo Yoga Rocks Retreat Nora Heilmann at Yoga Rocks Retreat