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2014 Yoga Holidays

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Welcome to Yoga Rocks in 2014

The full yoga retreat calendar for 2014 will be on the website in the coming days. 

We will have a diverse schedule of exciting yoga hopefully with something for all yogic tastes. Bringing out the sparkling essence of yoga that we love to enjoy with caring and creative world renowned teachers at our magical location - Triopetra Crete.

In the mix you'll find Danny Paradise, Simon Park, David Williams, Melanie Cooper, Maria Boox, David Lurey, Coral Brown, Liz Warrington, Sky, Helen Reavill,  and more.

We won't take bookings for 2014 yoga holidays until the schedule is on the website. Hopefully you'll bear with us a few days and enjoy a memorable and life enhancing time here in 2014.

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