Helen Reavill

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Helen's fun loving and energetic yoga perfectly complements the accepting atmosphere we love at Yoga Rocks. Enjoy creative and warm hearted classes that'll open your heart and bring big smiles.

Morning explorations of meditation and pranayama, followed by welcoming, lively vinyasa yoga. Comfortable yet challenging asana tailored to the group with plenty of individual attention and variations, so all get the most out of the practice. The afternoon deepening yoga will focus on specific areas. 


Having experienced so many of today's great teachers she counts her main influence as Gosta and Patrick from Svaha Yoga Amsterdam. She has enjoyed teacher trainings from Shati Mhi and David Swenson and looks forward to retreats as an opportunity to lift your practice to wherever it needs to go.      

Moving the benefits of yoga off the mat into real life is a primary goal and result of yoga, Helen believes. Hopefully this retreat will give you increased ability to smile at problematic situations and return to life filled with energy and enthusiasm.

price 800 euros   

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