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If you’re going to enjoy a yoga holiday here at Yoga Rocks you’ll have to get to Crete, Greece. Here is a helpful list of airlines that fly to Chania (CHQ) or Heraklion (HER) airports on Crete. We list by country with suggestions of which airline could have flights. There’s also package operators and flight search engines that you can check if you don’t get any joy with our suggested airlines.

Generally flights from Scandinavia serve Chania while those from the rest of Europe are more likely to land in Heraklion.

Ferry information from Athens to Crete is also listed for those in Greece, those travelling overland or arriving in Athens who don’t fancy another flight.

Some of our guests and teachers either think they are flying or practice acro yoga flying, these will not get you to Crete but hopefully the flights below will, and we’ll see you then!

Simon Park flying at Yoga Rocks Crete

From Athens there are 12 daily and normally cheap flights to Heraklion or Chania with either Aegean Air or Olympic Air They also have flights from Thessaloniki to Crete.

Both Aegean and Olympic Air have flights from most major cities/capitals to Athens and is always worth checking if you’re having problems finding flights.
Also Ryanair fly from Athens to Chania.


Easyjet fly twice daily on Saturdays from London Gatwick to Heraklion and once daily on Saturdays from London Luton throughout the holiday season.
Easyjet also fly out of Gatwick to Chania on Saturdays as well as Sundays for those who fancy a day in stunning Chania after the retreat.
There’s daily Easyjet flights to Athens from London Gatwick.
Ryanair On Saturdays from London Stansted direct to Crete Chania.
Aegean On Saturdays Gatwick to Heraklion direct.
British Airways have begun Gatwick to Heraklion direct flights in 2015.

Easyjet fly on Saturdays throughout the season in 2014 to Heraklion.
Ryanair fly on Saturdays to Chania.

Ryanair fly on Saturdays to Chania.
Easyjet on Friday evening into Heraklion. Friday lunchtime into Athens.
Thomas Cook fly to Heraklion Friday night/ Saturday Morning.
Jet2 also go to Heraklion late Friday night.

Leeds Bradford
Jet2 & Monarch Direct Saturday flights to Heraklion.
Ryanair On Saturdays direct to Crete Chania.

Edinburgh Easyjet Direct Saturday Heraklion flights mid summer.

EastMidlands Ryanair On Saturdays direct to Crete Chania in August

UK Charter Flights
There are many Charter flights operating from the UK’s other airports. Unfortunately these are not on a Saturday when our retreats begin. You could consider a few days holiday either side of a yoga week and explore Crete a little. We’re more than happy to help with places to stay near Yoga Rocks, near the airports or near places of interest on the island.

Jet 2 Fly from Leeds-Bradford (Tuesday, Friday, Saturday) Manchester (Tuesday, Friday), Glasgow (Tuesday, Friday) Newcastle & East Midlands on Tuesdays to Heraklion.

TUI Fly to Heraklion from Birmingham (Thursday, Friday & Sunday), Bristol (Thursday), Cardiff (Thursday), East Midlands (Thursday, Friday & Sunday),Glasgow (Tuesday), London Gatwick (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday) London Luton (Sunday), London Stansted (Thursday, Sunday), Manchester (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday), Newcastle (Thursday)
They also fly to Chania from Gatwick and Manchester on Tuesdays.

Monarch Fly to Crete Heraklion from Birmingham (Tuesday & Friday), East Midlands (Tuesday), Leeds-Bradford (Wednesday & Saturday), Gatwick (Tuesday) and Manchester (Tuesday) – all on Tuesdays.

Thomas Cook Fly to Crete Heraklion from Belfast (Tuesday), Birmingham (Tuesday & Friday), Bristol (Tuesday), Cardiff (Tuesday), East Midlands (Tuesday), Glasgow (Tuesday), Newcastle (Tuesday), Gatwick & Manchester.

Ryanair Fly to Crete Chania from Glasgow (Wednesday), East Midlands (Fridays) as well as Saturday flights from London Stansted, Leeds Bradford and Bristol.

Occasionally it can be cheaper to buy a package holiday and not use the resort.

Maja flying on yoga holiday Crete

Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Finland

If you’re coming from Scandinavia for a retreat at Yoga Rocks there are more flights to Chania(CHQ) than Heraklion(HER) though it’s still worth checking Heraklion. We’ve organised this section by airline rather than by country.

Norwegian Air: fly to Chania from Stockholm , Oslo, København, Helsinki, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Helsinki & Gøteborg-Landvetter.
Also flying to Heraklion from Oslo & København.

Ryanair fly to Crete Chania from Oslo (Saturday), Stockholm Skavsta (Tuesday and Friday) & Billund (Tuesday & Sunday)

SAS fly via Athens to Crete from all over Scandinavia though there will be another stop unless you leave from Copenhagen or Stockholm.

You can also try last minute charter flights with or Appolo


Corendon fly Amsterdam to Heraklion on a daily basis April – September 🙂

Transavia Fly from Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Groningen, Maastrich, & Rotterdam to Heraklion as well as to Chania from Amsterdam. Unfortunately none of these flights are on a Saturday.

Transavia also fly daily to Athens from where it is easy to get to Crete – see the ‘Greece’ section above. KLM and Olympic Air are also options if flying via Athens is a possibility.

Ryanair fly Eindhoven to Chania on Mondays and Fridays.

It can be cheaper sometimes to fly with a package tour operator: has links to many budget airline websites including searching flight only options from holiday operators. often turns up good options.
TUI Netherlands or D-reizen are other options.

Ryanair Dubin straight to Crete Chania on Saturdays, and Wednesdays, as well as Mondays during high season.

TUI Airways fly Sundays from Dublin

Debs flying at Yoga Rocks wild naked beach with David Lurey and Simone


Thomas Cook Airlines fly Brussels to Heraklion on Saturdays.

Ryanair fly Brussels Charleroi to Chania on Saturdays.

Aegean Air has direct flights from Brussels to Crete Heraklion.

TUI fly Brussels Charleroi to Heraklion on most days except Saturdays.

Olympic Air often has reasonable priced flights to Crete via Athens.



Easyjet fly on Saturdays into Heraklion.

German Wings fly Stuttgart, Köln-Bonn & Hannover to Heraklion on Saturdays. Connections from other German airports via Stuttgart and Köln-Bonn are available on Saturdays as well as direct flights to Crete from other airports, though not on a Saturday.

Condor fly Frankfurt, Dusseldorf & Munich to Chania on Crete on Saturdays.

Lufthansa, Aegean Air & Olympic Air have flights to Crete via Athens.
Ryanair: Weeze, Bremen, Franfurt Hahn & Memmingen to Chania.


Transavia fly to Heraklion from Paris, Lyon and Nantes -although the only Saturday flight is mid summer from Paris. Also on Mondays to Crete Chania from Paris.
Air Mediterranee fly Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes to Heraklion.

Air France, Olympic Air, Easyjet & Agean Air are options to travel to Crete via Athens.

Flying from your yoga holiday in Greece


Easyjet fly from Rome and Milan to Crete from mid summer to Autumn and through the year to Athens.

Ryanair Fly to Crete Chania from Milan on Saturdays in August and Pisa.

Air One and Vola gratis are worth checking out.

Alitalia and Aegean Air have flights to Crete via Athens


Edelweiss fly Saturdays to Heraklion on Crete.

Kuoni also take booking for the Edelweiss flight.


Easyjet fly Saturdays to Heraklion from Geneva.

Edelweiss also fly Saturdays from Geneva.

Basel, Bern & Elsewhere

Try Swiss Air or TUI.

United States

Try flights with American Airlines or alternatively ExpediaSkyscanner can produce some good deals.

Czech Republic

Try Smart Wings who have flights to both Heraklion & Chania on Saturdays.
Alternatively via Athens Aegean Air or Olympic Air.

Amanda with David Lurey acro flying at Triopetra beach


FlyNiki fly to Heraklion from Vienna on Saturdays, as well as from Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, and Salzburg on other days.

Poland, Spain & More
Ryanair to Chania from Kotowice on Saturdays as well Wroclaw and Warsaw on other days.

Wizz Air fly to Heraklion from Budapest.

Vueling fly to Crete direct from Barcelona.
Skyscanner can find some good deals as can Expedia.


Arkia have summer flights to Crete.

The Rest of the World

Try Skyscanner & Expedia or email us for help.
Ferries to Yoga Rocks Crete come from Peraeus by Fred Boissonnas

Ferries to Crete:

There are several ferries nightly from Pereus (Athens) to both of Crete’s main ports of Heraklion and Chania with ferries arriving in the early morning. There are fewer daytime services – though several in the summer.
Also a mid summer ferry to Rethymnon on Crete from Athens.

Bookings can be made through – unfortunately a sometimes confusing site to book through. Alternatively book through
Or try