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Nora taught solo in 2013 and 2018 but also teaches with her partner, Tamar. They are an amazing team and are fully committed to not just specific yoga practices but to the conscious evolutionary lifestyle that emerges from these over time.

This retreat normally attracts a lively bunch of enquiring folk up for bonding and exploring the edges.

07.00 pranayama and meditation and an active asana class starts the day. Breakfast and beach or exploring time before it gets too hot followed by a wholesome lunch. In the afternoons there are optional asana labs where guests can check in on refining their practice as well afternoon classes which include yoga philosophy, or possibly some sanskrit Yoga Sutra chanting with possible pranayama.

After dinner, chanting and chilling under the stars, or a video in the outdoor cinema bring the group together. Over the years the ladies have selected some inspirational and thought provoking movies.

Running a week true to Nora and Tamar’s conscious practices mean this retreat is vegan rather than vegetarian. Fabulous food means no-one misses the cheese or yogurt! We love this opportunity to have an animal product free week.