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Nora & Tamar 5-12 August 2017

Nora Heilmann and Tamar Samir are delighted to be offering another transformational summer retreat at Yoga Rocks, a chance to dive into the ocean of awareness. The proximity to the ocean inspires them to look deeply into spiritual and environmental relevance of earth’s blue lung. Many of the sacred texts of yoga describe our true nature as an ocean of awareness. All life on earth depends on the inner balance of that ocean.

This retreat aims to take you on a deep journey into Self-exploration through walking and seated meditation, pranayama, yoga philosophy, Sanskrit chanting, dynamic and challenging vinyasa classes. Together Nora and Tamar will co-create an inspiring week of conscious living, close to nature. One full day of silence (mauna) is planned which can sound a little daunting if you haven’t done it before but is a tranquil day of peace for guests and Yoga Rocks team alike.

Nora and Tamar are advanced certified teachers from NYC, with a background in visual and performing arts. Over the years they have studied and practiced Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Jivamukti yoga, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, veganism, and environmental awareness. They love to facilitate the yoga practice as a collective movement towards wisdom, kindness and peace between all species on planet earth. Nora and Tamar are happy vegans, so this will be a yummy vegan week at Yoga Rocks rather than our usual vegetarian fare. Super delicious food options will abound.

875 euro

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