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Nora Heilmann
19-26 May 2018

Nora Heilmann is delighted to be offering a spring retreat at Yoga Rocks in 2018. The proximity of the ocean inspires a deeper look at the spiritual and environmental relevance of the earth’s blue lung. Throughout the week she’ll will tap into the environmental aspect of contemporary yoga practice as well as our relationship with the internal ocean of awareness – the way yogic texts describe our true nature.

This retreat will take you on a journey of Self-exploration through meditation, pranayama, dynamic and challenging vinyasa classes, thematic afternoon workshops, restorative, yoga philosophy, and live music. Nora aims to create an inspiring week of conscious living. Mornings until breakfast, like a number of our retreats here, will be held in silence to enjoy the peaceful setting at Yoga Rocks and open the senses to the sounds of nature.

Nora is based in Brooklyn, New York, where she teaches yoga classes and co-facilitates modules in the advanced teacher training at YogaWorks. Over the years, Nora who is from Germany but spent many years in the Netherlands, has studied and practiced a variety of yoga styles (Hatha, Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Iyengar) alongside with pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, and music. She comes from a background in visual and performing arts and is a passionate animal lover and environmentalists. Nora intends to facilitate yoga practice as a collective movement towards more kindness and peace between all species on planet earth. This will be a yummy vegan week at Yoga Rocks rather than our usual vegetarian fare. Super delicious food options will abound.

Nora Heilmann bakasana or crow pose Nora's website
Roof arm balances with Nora and Tamar