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Welcome to our 2019 schedule. We are excited to be so close to the beach this year with in our Agios Pavlos location. It will be a high energy feeling as we settle in and add our Yoga Rocks buzz to an already atmospheric area.

All our teachers aim to advance your holistic understanding of yoga in a caring and nurturing way as well as ramp up the fun. The helpful team, genuine hands on hosts and amazing cuisine complete the picture and create a truly transformative opportunity and unforgettable beach yoga holiday.

There’s something for all. Some weeks are more retreat orientated, others have a much more holiday vibe. To get an idea which week might suit you our which yoga retreat is right for me? page may help. You can read our teacher pages and see if you get a good feeling, go with your gut, or for more clues delve into the past retreats at Yoga Rocks. These will give you an idea about a teacher’s normal retreat schedule and what to expect on the holiday, though as their yoga is constantly evolving, in truth, anything can happen. If in doubt, please write and ask us about any of the retreats, most are suited for beginners through to experienced teachers.

 Josie Sykes: 27 April – 4 May: Vinyasa flow
Melanie Cooper: 4-11 May: Ashtanga & Yin Yoga
Helen Reavill: May 25 – June 1: Vinyasa flow
Coral Brown:  1-8 June: Prana flow
Maria Boox: 8-22 June: Ashanga Mysore style
David Lurey: 31 August – 7 September: Vinyasa flow
Sky: 7-14 September: Hatha yoga
Danny Paradise: 21-28 September: Ashtanga
Norman Blair & Maitripushpa: 28 September – 5 October: Ashtanga & yin
Gösta(Shunya): 5-12 October: Vinyasa flow
David Williams: 12-26 October: Ashtanga

Agios Pavlos beach and Yoga Rocks retreat, Crete