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The balconies and terraces of Yoga Rocks Crete

Yoga Rocks Schedule 2020 coming early November…

Many spots with perfect water for snorkelling around Yoga Rocks Crete

Just putting the schedule together for next year is getting us all giddy. Our new location at Agios Pavlos is treating us well with far more options for funky exploration than we imagined. Previous guests are loving it, we are happy to report that many prefer it over here and there are more hammocks than ever.

Food is still very important to us! Each meal is a creative, mouth watering celebration of the Cretan veggies. Nutrionally aiming for the perfect balance, everyone glows from the food here.

The main Agios Pavlos beach  and the ‘secret beach’ are super close to the retreat and carrying on in either direction will find you on long deserted stretches of sand, rocky coves or ideal cliff jumping oportunities! The water is perfect for sea swimming or lounging with amazing underwater views for snorkellers.

There will be a lot of the usual favourite teachers and a few newbies. All will be revealed early November when you’ll be able to take advantage of the early bird discount to get in before the queues. If you aren’t on our mailing list and would like to be just drop us a line to or use the box to the left. We only send out 3 to 4 mails each year.  Or chooose your poison below:

The sandy beach at Agios Pavlos just down from Yoga Rocks retreat