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The balconies and terraces of Yoga Rocks Crete

Yoga Rocks Schedule 2021

Yoga Rocks yoga holidays at Agios Pavlos Crete
Agios Pavlos beach below Yoga rocks Crete Greece

Welcome to our 2021 schedule. With many guests and teachers having missed out in 2020 we are optimistically sculpting an exciting and vibrant season for 2021. Agios Pavlos has so far been an oasis of calm and may it continue this way but obviously anything can happen. In this new flexible epoc where understanding and acceptance seems to be the easiest path we will go with the flow and publish any changes as we go!

We are excited that we got to know Anastasis’ teaching better in 2020 and very happy to have him back along with new, dedicated and gentle Ashtanga teacher Sandra Howling. Teachers we missed this year from accross the pond are extremely keen to make it and Norman Blair returns after a fallow year.

Our revamped yoga shala is a fantastic practice space, roomy and airy, the sea view stretches to the horizon ahead and over the serene bay of Agios Pavlos. Post yoga beach swims are highly convenient or for the more adventurous exciting plunges from impressive rock formations just around the corner. Though the yoga and the surroundings are top notch, visitors rave about the food here which is possibly the most important component. Everything you need for a proper yoga escape, check out the schedule below:

1-8 May: Josie Sykes – Vinyasa flow, pranayama & old skool hatha
8-15 May: Melanie Cooper – Self practice/led explorations of ashtanga & yin
22-29 May: Coral Brown – Prana flow
5-19: June: Maria Boox – Self practice ashtanga, pranayama and more…
19-26 June: Norman Blair & Maitripushpa – Easy going led ashtanga, yin & meditation
26 June – 3 July: Helen Reavill – Everything in the flow
3 July – 10 July: Sandra Howling – Self practice ashtanga & workshops
31 July – 7 August: Anastasis – Unique Zorba yoga
7-14 August: Helen Reavill – More flowing…
21-28 August: Fleur van Hille – Happy vinyasa
4-18 September: Sky – Hatha yoga
18 September – 2 October: Danny Paradise – Free style ashtanga, pranayama & yoga chat
2-16 October: David Williams – Laid back ashtanga & backgammon – aloha!
23-30 October: Gösta (Shunya) – Intense & hilarious vinyasa

All our teachers aim to advance your holistic understanding of yoga in a caring and nurturing way as well as ramp up the fun. The helpful team, genuine hands on hosts and amazing cuisine complete the picture and create a truly transformative opportunity and unforgettable beach yoga holiday.

There’s something for all. Some weeks are more retreat orientated, others have a much more holiday vibe. To get an idea which week might suit you our which yoga retreat is right for me? page may help. You can read our teacher pages and see if you get a good feeling, go with your gut, or for more clues have a look what happened in 2019 at Yoga Rocks with a 2020 overview coming soon. These will give you an idea about a teacher and what to expect on the holiday, though as their yoga is constantly evolving, in truth, anything can happen. If in doubt, please write and ask us about any of the retreats, most are suited for beginners through to experienced teachers.

The sandy beach at Agios Pavlos just down from Yoga Rocks retreat