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Welcome! We are shuffling the schedule for 2018. It will be revealed at the beginning of Novemberish and we’ll be taking bookings from then. If you are on our mailing list you’ll get an email and we may just mention it on social media! Many of the same teachers are excited to return and we are looking forward to having them. If you’ve not been to us before and would like to be on our mailing list just drop us a line at

At our magical location in Crete we are blessed with world renowned teachers joining us weekly and leading some very special yoga retreats and holidays.

Our teachers aim to advance your holistic understanding of yoga in a caring and nurturing way as well as ramp up the fun. The helpful team, genuine hosts and amazing cuisine complete the picture and create a truly transformative opportunity and unforgettable yoga holiday.

There‚Äôs something for all. Some weeks are more retreat orientated, others have a much more holiday vibe. To get an idea which week might suit you our which yoga retreat is right for me? page may help. Once the 2018 schedule is up you can read our teacher pages and see if you get a good feeling, go with your gut, or delve into the past retreats at Yoga Rocks. These will give you an idea about a teacher’s normal retreat schedule and what to expect on the holiday, though as their yoga is constantly evolving, in truth, anything can happen. If in doubt, please write and ask us about any of the retreats, most are suited for beginners through to experienced teachers.

Triopetra Pink Sunset Crete