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Our 2019 summer yoga retreats on Crete take place in Agios Pavlos Bay, a sand dune away from the Triopetra rock formation that gave Yoga Rocks it’s name.

Exceptionally experienced and generous teachers commit to making your yoga retreat an incredible and transformative experience.

Helen in urdvha dhanurasana onthe wild beach near Agios Pavlos

Flow, pranayama, meditation & more with Helen Reavill

A vibrant & friendly retreat

25 May – 1 June

 Helen’s retreat

Yoga holidays above this bay at Yoga Rocks, Crete

See who tickles your fancy!

A full line up of our holiday offerings

 2019 yoga retreats

Coral Brown loves to teach vinyasa flowcoming to Agios Pavlos

Enjoy Coral Brown’s unique insight and creative flow

Relax & revive

1-8 June 2019

 Coral’s retreat

Your perfect yoga holiday awaits. Our magical retreat is situated on a striking bay just a couple of minutes walk from the sea and beach. Relish the warming sunshine, pristine peace and genuine atmosphere on the South coast of Crete, Greece. A friendly and experienced team ensure all runs smoothly, allowing time and space to embrace the sparkling essence of yoga. Our locally sourced, freshly prepared vegetarian food is unforgettably tasty and energising. Enjoy the peace of never ending beaches with translucent velvety seas or more lively times as your mood takes you. Delve deep inside or simply kick back.

Overjoyed to have our cuisine recognised in Yoga Journal’s food issue. One of three Foodie Retreats in the July/August 2018 issue.

Included in The Guardian’s 25 great yoga holidays and retreats: Mediterranean meditation…on a cliff on the island’s southern coast, where the sun shines almost continually… Expect gigantic vegetarian buffets.

Yoga Rocks near the wild beach on Crete