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Welcome to our 2020 beach yoga holidays and retreats

long term stays

summer 2020

need to get away?

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Yoga Rocks holiday with Helen Reavill teaching flow, meditation and pranayama in GreeceHelen Reavill

11 July – 15 August 2020

caring vinyasa

Helen’s retreat info

Josie Sykes coming to Yoga Rocks CreteJosie Sykes

15-22 August 2020

dedicated vinyasa

Josie’s retreat info

Anastasis coming to Yoga Rocks Crete to teach vinyasa flow on yoga holidayAnastasis

22-29 August 2020

innovative sequencing

Anastasis’ retreat info

Maria Boox returns to Yoga Rocks with her magic blend of ashtanga vinyasa yoga and pranayamaMaria Boox

29 August – 5 September

enchanting ashtanga

Maria’s retreat info

Sky Ashaka and Sama Yoga at Yoga RocksSky

5-19 September 2020

funky yet deep hatha

Sky’s retreat info

Delighted to have Danny Paradise at Yoga RocksDanny Paradise

19 Sep – 3 Oct 2020

uplifts & inspires

Danny’s retreat info

David William vetern Ashtanga holiday masterDavid Williams

10-24 October 2020

ashtanga chill out

David’s retreat info

Gösta retreating to Yoga RocksGösta (Shunya)

24-31 October 2020

exhilarating rejuvenation

Gösta’s retreat info