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Welcome to our 2023 beach yoga holidays and retreats

Josie Sykes teaching amazing retreats at Yoga RocksJosie Sykes

29 April – 6 May 2023

bhakti flow

Josie’s retreat info

Rachel Walsh

6-13 May 2023

yang & yin

Rachel’s retreat info

Coral BrownCoral Brown

28 May – 4 June 2022

prana flow genius

Coral’s retreat info

Maria Boox returns to Yoga Rocks with her magic blend of ashtanga vinyasa yoga and pranayamaMaria Boox

10-24 June 2023

enchanting ashtanga

Maria’s retreat info

Ashtanga teacher Sandra Howling student of John ScottSandra Howling

24 June – 1 July 2023

committed ashtanga

Sandra’s retreat info

Fleur van Hille vinyasa retreat at Yoga Rocks CreteFleur van Hille

15-29 July 2023

happy flow

Fleur’s retreat info

Helen Reavill teaches retreats on CreteHelen Reavill

29 July – 12 Aug 2023

caring vinyasa

Helen’s retreat info

Mel Cooper teaches Ashtanga vinyasa with Emil at Yoga Rocks in Agios Pavlos CreteMelanie Cooper

12-19 August 2023

ashtanga & yin

Mel’s retreat info

Anastasis coming to Yoga Rocks Crete to teach vinyasa flow on yoga holidayAnastasis

19-26 August 2023

ingenious Zorba flow

Anastasis’ retreat info

Sky Ashaka and Sama Yoga at Yoga RocksSky

9-23 September 2023

funky yet deep hatha

Sky’s retreat info

Danny Paradise

23 Sep – 14 Oct 2023

uplifts & inspires

Danny’s retreat info

Helen Reavill teaches retreats on CreteHelen Reavill

14-21 October 2023

being still

Helen’s retreat info

Gösta retreating to Yoga RocksGösta(Shunya)

21-28 October 2023

he is back…

Gösta’s reteat info

2022 debrief

what happened in 2022

have a nosy

2022 retreats

Trikonasana or triangle pose on megalo TriopetraYoga Rocks extra

questions answered

helpful details

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