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Josie Sykes teaching vinyasa flow and pranayama on a yoga holiday on Crete

Josie Sykes
28 April – 11 May 2024

Josie Sykes’ extensive knowledge of yoga techniques and their interactions with the body and mind invite a transformational approach to the yoga holiday so we are really happy that in 2024 she will offer two weeks. You can come for either week or both! Her style has subtly shifted from vinyasa flow to holistic practices of tantric hatha yoga, inviting the pursuit of mental clarity, inner harmony and the realisation that Life is a Gift!

Tantra is a philosophical system that understands the world as inherently sacred and provides a complete science allowing us to experience it. This is not neo-tantra. The wisdom of tantra sheds light on everything; the most practical, the most worldly, the most subtle and the most sacred. Nurturing and nourishing for fried folks blasted with high-speed information at every turn, these thorough, elegant practices lead to deep relaxation, effortless awareness and ultimately Freedom!

On this yoga holiday you’ll have the chance to explore this wisdom inherent in you, with the tools of yoga asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, mantra, meditation, sound, yoga nidra and more! These practices support the relief of body and mind; they offer deep respite and are particularly nurturing for modern people interested in bathing in the currents of the Divine flowing through Life!

Josie is massively educated across the yoga spectrum and is a teacher trainer herself, specialising in yoga anatomy and physiology. After teaching in Amsterdam at Svaha Yoga for many years, Josie moved to California in 2019, always evolving on all levels, she is now teaching yoga at Stanford University. She’s also a trained teacher of the somatic education system ‘The Feldenkrais Method.’

We are loving this two pronged approach; practical and subtle: there is so much available to pour out on retreat!

from 950 euro for one week & 1800 for two

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A week's vinyasa flow, pranayama and sunshine with Josie Sykes at Yoga Rocks Crete
A week's retreat at Yoga Rocks Crete with Josie Sykes
Josie Sykes teacher of breath and bhakti