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Josie Sykes
28 April – 5 May 2018

Josie’s extensive knowledge of yoga techniques and their interactions with the body and mind inspire a transformational approach to the yoga holiday.

Enjoy the benefits of yoga influences that range from the Feldenkrais Method, a very tangible movement therapy, to Clive Sheridan and the more subtle highs of pranayama. Svaha Yoga in Amsterdam is Josie’s yoga home where she started practising many years ago to balance the adrenaline of a busy vocation as a very successful and creative international photographer. Slowly the yoga and teaching took over. Now she teaches and keeps Svaha Yoga shipshape for Gosta and Patrick, her tremendously dedicated and gifted teachers.

After years of teaching vibrant flow a year long sabbatical of exploration and yoga delving introduced her to Mark Whitwell and a slower, more inward looking form of asana. We’re loving the feeling of freshness that this sort of journey gives a teacher. Josie’s offers her original vinyasa passion balanced with some afternoons of breath led, soft, traditional asana.

On this yoga retreat there was the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of yoga magic; asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting and Josie’s ingenious take on all things yogic.

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