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Gate pose with Gösta from Svaha Yoga Amsterdam on yoga holiday in Crete

Gösta (Shunya)
19-26 October 2024

We are totally delighted to have Gösta bringing his unique but incredible style to Yoga Rocks once again. Along with his partner Patrick, who also retreats here, they have three dedicated, homely yoga studios in Amsterdam. The true soul and community they have created there helps envelop our retreat with nurturing and excitable energy. Yoga Rock’s vibe has roots in Svaha‘s heartening ideals with Patrick and Gösta heavily influencing Helen’s yoga.

Gösta was busy ransacking New York when Patrick lured him along to his first yoga class with Jivamukti duo, Sharon Gannon and David Life. He swapped his crazy NYC existence for a slightly calmer yet equally exciting life on the mat. Existing at the edge of eccentric – he is enthusiastic, cheerful and wholeheartedly committed to his practice. Inspiring and provocatively humorous Gösta was once voted Yogi of the year in The Netherlands. Classes are fun, challenging and, as we say a lot at Yoga Rocks, anything can happen. This retreat could be your catalyst for any needed positive change.

The retreat will be a mix of active asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy. Gösta has years of experience teaching these yoga essentials to both students and many grateful yoga teachers. There will be earth shifting chanting opportunities making good use of our harmonium. The guests who have enjoyed Gösta’s retreats here in the last couple of years keep coming back and back, there is so much available and he has so much to give.

from 950 euro

Gösta is active on Instagram and Svaha Yoga is on Facebook…

One leg flying pigeon pose with Gösta on yoga holiday on Crete
Looking forward to Gösta coming over to Yoga Rocks