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Anastasis coming to teach at Yoga Rocks Crete

24-31 August 2024

Here is our new Yoga Rocks video and, as it heavily features Anastasis, this seems a good spot for it. Enjoy. More info on Anastasis’ retreat is below.

Anastasis’ high vibration hatha yoga practice has roots growing from Ashtanga and Anusara Yoga to Osteo-Thai massage and various martial arts such as Chi Gong. A class with Anastasis – what a treat!  It’s a smooth flowing journey through the body, leaving nothing unturned, no areas neglected before finally you float out of class seemingly a few feet off the ground. Bring it on…

Anastasis’ teaching is a synthesis of different traditions in a sacred dance which he fondly calls Zorba Yoga, inspired from Nikos Kazantzakis’ novel Zorba the Greek. It combines the fluidity, beauty & grace of the dancer (he was a ballet and contemporary dancer for 15 years in France), with the spontaneity, generosity, enthusiasm, heart and freedom of Zorba. Sufi whirling was a memorable afternoon exploration with Anastasis once at Yoga Rocks. Unusual and varied influences make this week like no other.

He began his yoga journey in 1994 in the yoga city of Varanasi, India. Now Anastasis teaches yoga all over but can often be found in Chania on Crete, a historical romantic spot which suits him perfectly. His worldy travels and months spent in yoga’s home country of India have allowed him to absorb and practice thoroughly all sorts of interesting and useful techniques which prepare the body and mind for deep contemplation and meditation. This yoga explorer has so much to offer.

In his classes, Anastasis seeks to guide each student to a fuller appreciation of the gift of their daily life. Hopefully enabling us to live with greater freedom and peace in the present moment. His aim is to bring out the inner guru, to inspire people to dare to be creative; to explore and to find their own path which will nourish their souls and ultimately fulfill their dreams. Through this process becoming a real yogi: an artist, a poet, a philosopher, and an activist.

from 950 euro

Anastasis and his happy retreat group
Anastasis after his week retreat at Yoga Rocks
Anastasis after teaching his last class on the beach