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Melanie Cooper
5-12 May 2018

Recently Melanie relocated to Bristol leaving behind morning Mysore classes that she taught at London’s Life Centre for many years. She offers a juicy selection of weekly classes in Bristol, workshops and teacher trainings far and wide, some jointly with Norman Blair. Having recently published her book Teaching Yoga, Adjusting Asana, guests can feel confident that their practice will be guided in an appropriate direction. We love her ability to soften Ashtanga for beginners while having the experience to take those who are ready into a deeper practice.

On the retreat Melanie led Ashtanga vinyasa yoga mornings with the option of either a self practice Mysore style and/or a led class for those who prefer a bit more structure. Keen yogis did both! Mel’s partner, Emil Lime assisted, giving extra support throughout. Absolute beginners and experienced yogis alike benefited from their intelligent adjustments and clear teaching. Over the years working closely together their innovative adjustments have been refined to a point of brilliance.

Balancing the morning practice were three or four Yin Yoga afternoons – a slow and deep form of yoga, melting into each pose. Mel incorporates pranayama and yoga nidra into the afternoon classes. She loves to offer optional evening chanting under the stars.

Melanie Cooper teaches Ashtanga yoga retreat Mel's website
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