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Helen Reavill
3-17 August & 12-19 October 2024

Helen Reavill’s fun loving and energetic yoga perfectly complements the accepting atmosphere we love at Yoga Rocks.

Creative and warm classes open hearts and bring big smiles. Morning explorations of meditation and pranayama are followed by welcoming, lively vinyasa yoga. Comfortable yet challenging asana is tailored to the group with plenty of individual attention and variations, so all get the most out of their practice.

The afternoon yoga will be focused on specific areas to accompany the mornings and get into those darker corners we shy away from. It’s here we can learn most about ourselves.

Having experienced so many of today’s great teachers Helen looks forward to using this reservoir of experience to create retreats that lift your practice to wherever it needs to go. Moving the benefits of yoga off the mat into real life is a primary goal and an inevitable result of regularly and whole heartedly practising yoga, Helen believes. Guests should leave with an increased ability to glide over problematic situations and return to life filled with energy and enthusiasm.

from 950 euro for one week, 1800 euro for two weeks

Helen is herself on Facebook and on Instagram as Yoga Rocks…

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