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Always inspiring, fun and uplifting, Danny Paradise has the knack of putting everyone instantly at ease no matter what level they are at. This allows all to find a sacred, safe, appropriate yoga experience generating a relaxed holiday atmosphere centered round the buzz of yoga.

The nomadic Danny has been teaching yoga retreats around the world since 1979. This could make him the first travelling Ashtanga teacher! Certainly one of the most influential, with a host of famous students who have helped popularise yoga on a huge scale. Danny learnt Ashtanga with some of the the first Western Teachers, David Williams and Nancy Gilgoff, and now incorporates shamanism, tai chi and other influences in his freestyle Ashtanga classes. Each day the sequence starts in more or less the same way which is useful for those who want to build a stable home practice but then takes different routes through some simple and unusual asana leading to some exciting poses for those who want to have a go.

Danny is so genuinely easy going that guests feel fully and totally comfortable whichever variation they end up in. Danny’s original style and deep respect for our inner voice means each session is thought provoking. Physically challenging asana and his intelligent use of pranayama take all comfortably to the heart of yoga. His relaxed attitude and yoga retreat leading expertise create a uniquely extraordinary holiday here.

We are very excited that for the second week which is now full from September 29 – October 6, Danny will be teaching with Anastasis, Zorba the Yogi. Danny considers Anastasis to be an exceptional, unique gifted, teacher. He creates dynamic sequences that are gentle, challenging and original, combining classical Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, dance, Tai Chi, Kung Fu. Anastasis teaches a meditative, healing ritualistic practice suitable for all levels of practitioners from beginning to advanced. He really is a secret yoga genius.

900 euro for one week, 1700 for two weeks
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