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Fleur coming to teach vinyasa flow at Yoga Rocks Crete

Fleur van Hille 4-11 July 2020

We love Fleur’s vibrancy and are super giddy that she is coming along to lead a retreat at Yoga Rocks. Hailing from Yoga Rocks’ home studio Svaha Yoga in Amsterdam, Fleur has been enjoying teaching retreats in Europe for many years.  Currently she is excited to be spending more time in her favourite place in the world, a stunning spot in Malaysia. Luckily for us Fleur found time to squeeze in a visit to us for the first time this year.

A warm and enthusiastic teacher, Fleur guides you through vinyasa flow yoga classes in a gentle, yet invigorating way. Her broad smile quickly turns to an infectious laugh happily helping newbies to experienced practitioners alike to find the fun in the challenge of the yoga asana. Considerate of the needs of all her students, she’ll encourage you to listen within to find out what feels right for you at any given moment, assisting where appropriate.  Afternoon sessions could include restorative and yin yoga, yoga nidra, guided meditation or breathing exercises. Fleur loves a bit of chanting too but is the first to admit that opening up to chant can be a very challenging part of the yoga journey – don’t worry it is all optional.

As a passionate environmentialist in the best possible way, both practical and dedicated, Fleur’s yoga is accessible, fun and flowing and helps you to deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy and its origins, hopefully a gateway to a more dedicated sustainable existance.

To me the combination of yoga and nature is beautifully complimentary and to go on a weeklong journey together with people from all around the world is a powerful experience.

825 euro

Fleur van Hille teaching yoga at Yoga Rocks, Agios Pavlos near Triopetra
Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana with Fleur van Hill coming to teach at Yoga Rocks Agios Pavlos