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Helen and Phil Yoga Rocks Crete near Triopetra
Yoga holidays in Greece with hosts Phil and Helen

The whole Yoga Rocks team are delighted to be your hosts for an incredible retreat of life enhancing yoga and fabulous food at Triopetra in 2017! Helen and Phil began Yoga Rocks and continue to lead the team on our idyllic retreat. We have explored an unusually large as well as varied selection of places around the globe and have been together for twenty years. Since 2010 we have spent summers in Triopetra and look forward to using all our available experience and resources to make your yoga retreat a holiday from which you will return feeling refreshed and revitalised. We grew up in England, though have lived outside the UK for most of our time together.

Helpers at Yoga Rocks Crete

Phil, whose father was from Crete, worked with tourists for many years, occasionally taught yoga and practised Thai Yoga massage before beginning to run retreats. Forcing life or yoga is counter productive, Phil feels. He hopes you’ll enjoy the Yoga Rocks ride and find the progression you’ve stopped looking for.

Helen’s fascination with yoga began as a child and by the age of 20 a more serious interest in yoga was emerging. From here, her practice gradually started to develop into a lifestyle. Ten years on a teacher training in 2005 awakened a deep dedication for showing people how a practice which begins on the mat can lead to a happier and more balanced existence in the real world.

Before the inception of Yoga Rocks Helen spent five years teaching yoga, primarily in Amsterdam, as well as short stints in more tropical locations like Thailand and Jamaica.

Cory, Sarah, Radka And Maja Helping At Yoga Retreat Greece
Cory, Sarah, Radka And Maja Helping At Yoga Retreat Greece
Melissa And Dan Eka Pada Raja Kapotanasana Yoga Retreat Crete
Melissa And Jenny At Yoga Rocks Crete
Phil Mending The Roof At Yoga Rocks Crete
Radka And Mischa  Yoga Retreat Helping Crete
Sofia, Loes, Emily, Eva, Mischa And Ianthe Karma Yogis At Yoga Rocks Crete
The Beardos On Yoga Holiday Crete
Helen And Phil By The Pool Yoga Rocks Crete
Helpers And A Hammock At Yoga Retreat Crete
Sir Edmund Percival Hillary The Cat Or Just Hillers At Yoga Rocks, Crete

We have an ever changing team of incredible helpers and are constantly amazed by their supportive enthusiasm and are incredibly grateful to them all. Everyone brings their own unique qualities and energies, engaging with the guests and helping make the retreat experience the unforgettable time that is your holiday.

At Yoga Rocks we celebrate the similarities between yoga styles rather than looking for the superficial differences. The teachers we invite have in common a wish to spread BIG love, openness and joy. We love the highs of the physical and other yoga practices, but also understand how taking this energy out of the retreat to brighten the lives of those who we love as well as those who we may not love quite so much, is the where the real challenge begins.

Sunset meditation on yoga holiday Greece