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Agios Pavlos dragon rock and sandy bay viewed from Yoga Rocks retreat,Crete

Crete, steeped in history, is the most evocative of all the Greek islands. Yoga Rocks is lucky to be situated within an incredible stretch of breathtakingly serene coastline. The dramatic bay of Agios Pavlos will happily once more be the setting for our 2024 summer retreats. With its dragon like rock formation looking onto endless ocean expect an incredible atmosphere at this picturesque as well as energetically charged location.

Stone steps out of Agios Pavlos bay climb onto a headland and sand dune that descends onto magnificent and untouched beaches. The perfect place to renew. Wild sands and craggy inlets lead to the Triopetra rocks from which Yoga Rocks originally took its name.

Seeking peace?  It’s easy to find. Refresh yourself in the sparkling sea, enjoy a massage, chill in a hammock or simply sunbathing on a deserted stretch of sand. Looking for more energetic or sociable pursuits? Maybe you’ll fancy snorkelling to meet the local sea life, jumping from nearby rocks into the deep blue, taking yourself away on an exhilarating hike along an endless beach or rocky cove, exploring local history or just strolling to the nearby cafe to philosophise Greek style overlooking the bay.

Up for an excursion? Explore Crete – things to do within reach of Yoga Rocks.

Our yoga retreats are open to all levels. Why not begin, restart or deepen your practice with an inspiring teacher in supportive surroundings. Highly experienced, internationally renowned teachers value each step on the yoga journey, encouraging you to relish the moment and find the sparking essence of yoga.

Looking towards Agios Pavlos and Yoga Rocks from the Triopetra
Ease yourself into yoga away from the pressures of everyday life. An incredible yoga space looks out to the sea for inspiration. There’s no pressure to become a super yogi – though the option is there! Unwind, enjoy the space – it’s your holiday.

The retreat is the perfect place to immerse yourself in all things yogic or just hang out on the beach – no one’s judging! Dark nights with incredible twinkling stars take over from energised days leaving a rarely experienced feeling of peace. Enjoy!