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Billy Konrad doing Iyengar yoga

Billy Konrad
17-24 August 2024

Very excited to have Billy on the schedule. Senior Iyengar yoga teacher and passionate, independent thinker, he matches our Yoga Rocks vibe.

Iyengar yoga works with props, finding focus within the alignment. A perfect week for those who wanting to dive deeper into the subtle details of the poses. Billy, as he slowly builds through the components of a pose family, creates a comprehensive understanding. Invaluable whether you relish this style or want to understand your bodies workings and the poses to a greater degree. The tangible physical process supports a deeper mission into the more subtle mental, emotional and ideological levels. A whole week in Crete gifts the opportunity to explore this practice and Billy’s personal theories.

Originally from over the States, Billy lived in Paris and now Lisbon, Portugal. Teaching workshops all over Europe means he has a dedicated and diverse following so expect a retreat with a juicy schedule and discerning, interested retreaters.

from 950 euro

Billy is has a relaxed presence on Instagram…

Billy Konrad coming to teach at Yoga Rocks
Iyengar teacher Billy Konrad
Head stand with Iyengar teacher Billy Konrad