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David Williams

David Williams leads possibly the most relaxed yoga holiday in the world!

David’s aim is to help each individual experience the most enjoyable, uplifting yoga practice possible. He believes the person most likely to practice tomorrow is the one who enjoys their practice the most today. Daily asana and pranayama with David will enable one to develop a practice that one can continue enjoying for life. David’s goal is for each student to leave Yoga Rocks feeling better than when they arrived, totally rested and energized.  The practice of yoga should relieve pain, not become a new source of suffering. After more than 45 years of uninterrupted daily yoga practice, David’s first rule is If it hurts, you are doing it wrong!

On this yoga holiday David will focus on a safe and enjoyable daily practice that will hopefully inspire a lifetime love of yoga. He will lead first the complete classical Ashtanga pranayama sequence and then an easy going led Ashtanga primary series. Though he has a super chilled demeanor, David gets all twinkly eyed around comfortable, safe, well rounded asana and is deeply and genuinely supportive of his students, whom he is hugely fond of. After all these years his passion for the practice still shines through.

850 euro for one week. 1600 euro for both weeks.

David is mostly active on Facebook…

Yoga Rocks yoga terrace with David Williams teaching ashtanga
Ashtanga yoga retreat featuring backgammon at Yoga Rocks Crete