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Dylan Bernstein came to Yoga Rocks and rocked us up on a yoga retreat we very much enjoyed. We had a happy week of Ashtanga mornings where Dylan’s scientific focus combined with an energetically fun and sincere personality which gave us insight into the meditative method of Ashtanga. Plenty of free time and some afternoon excursions combined to make this week an amazing yoga holiday – one we really got to enjoy!

Helen interviewed Dylan for YogaRocksBox – according to Dylan, he had the rocks, Helen had the box – in what was a great interview.

Dylan under his rapping name Dylpostino has just launched his yogi music career – see his Facebook page or his first single – Practice on You Tube here

It’s been more than a few years since Dylan’s last retreat here. He’s since completed a Masters in Buddhist studies and continues to base himself in Asia currently Hong Kong, whilst  touring the Americas and Europe. We’d love to squeeze him in another year at Yoga Rocks – practice with him if you get the chance!

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