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From the 14-21 August we are offering a chilled holiday week with very little organised yoga but loads of time for yourself to practice or lounge on the almost empty beaches – probably a bit of both, with a break for delicious food or a beverage at our breakfast lounge by the sea. This week is a little cheaper at 600 euro in a shared room or 800 in a single. Booking form here.

We have been offering long term stays at the same reduced rate, 600 in a shared or 800 in a single, if you came for three weeks or more until mid July in summer 2021. For now the long stay options are limited but you can always drop us a mail and see what we can do.

If you’re working from home and fancy a better view with yoga perks it could be for you. Do you want to lie on the beach and swim on your lunch break? Come and live at Yoga Rocks for a while!

If it’s of interest please email us to discuss the long stay options. It includes amazing food and yoga – we can let you know what yoga will be available on your weeks. Guests taking advantage of this in 2020 found a good work/play balance. They got their work done in double quick time. Fully energised by the good food and yoga they found the space to explore the beaches and enjoy the free time relaxing in good company.

What’s the idea behind this? 

There are a lot of folk who’ve been stuck working at home alone during lock down or generally isolated. If you have been feeling a bit stuck, have cooked everything in your repertoire and your inspiration for practising alone has expired then this could be ideal for you. The retreat can become like home for a while without the housework and with a sense of community rather than an overuse of Netflix.

The long term stay option allows a degree of relaxation in Corona times. Vaccinations are moving fast here and though we have to be careful the local community is relaxed and optimistic about the season. This means we can enjoy company and a degree of community that many are in sore need of. Long term stayers should enjoy a feeling of relaxed safety difficult elsewhere – the retreat will be carefully run with this in mind. We see this being a unique opportunity for those who want to work on their practice and suntan, or city workers with office work who fancy doing it from a place of peace, simply wanting to enjoy good food and a swim between work hours.

We had a stable broadband connection installed in the early summer. It’s helped facilitate this long stay option for the people with online work. Guests can conference call hassle free on the new connection – it’s like they are home just with with the swimming breaks on the doorstep.

Yoga Rocks retreat from the beach
Yoga retreat by the sea
Falafel with salads and sauces at Yoga Rocks Crete
Yoga Rocks view reflected in the yoga room
The secret beach directly below Yoga Rocks Crete