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Melanie, with Emil assisting, taught optional self-practice then a led class in the morning giving everyone plenty of yoga and the opportunity to develop a personal practice to take home. In the afternoons there was Yin Yoga, a slow and deep form of yoga, which melted shoulders and hips along with some relaxing pranayama and yoga nidra.

The weather was sunny, the sea refreshing and so were the guests – what a great yoga retreat with a very lovely and diverse group.

John said: A marvellous first introduction to yoga. Wonderful instruction from Mel and Em will set me on my yoga journey feeling confident and curious.

Rikke & Lotte said: The setting in the beautiful mountains, your hospitality and kindness, Mel and Emil’s fantastic classes, super tasty food, a great group of people, lots of fun, swimming in the sea and walking in the mountains all made this holiday one that I will remember for the rest of our lifes.

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