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Patrick (Shukram Das) 1-8 July 2017

We were overjoyed to have Patrick back to generously share his yoga vibes. A treat followed and we hope to Patrick back at Yoga Rocks as soon as possible. It is looking like Gosta will take his place in 2018 though Patrick may try voodoo tricks to be the one to represent.

Patrick and his partner Gosta have Svaha Yoga in Amsterdam, three amazing, cosy yoga studios with true soul and community. Yoga Rocks’ vibe has roots in Svaha’s heartening ideals with Patrick and Gosta heavily influencing Helen’s yoga.

Patrick’s first teachers were the Jivamukti duo, Sharon Gannon and David Life, in NYC. His love of chanting and other heart warming bhakti practices support his offerings, as do the teachings of many great, dedicated yogis from everywhere. He has such an incredible mix of grounded, straight forward yoga with authentic and devotional teaching. The yoga runs so deep with him that there is no Patrick separate from his practice in a way that is heart warming and truly genuine.

The retreat will be a mix of active asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy. Patrick has years of experience teaching these yoga essentials to both students and many grateful yoga teachers. He has made a couple of CDs and will be making good use of our harmonium while he is here with the optional extra of uplifting chanting under the stars.

Patrick and Gosta’s latest mission is a yoga studio in Surinam where in the future they will run retreats with rain forest expeditions.