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Rachel Walsh bringing yin and yang to Yoga Rocks Crete

Rachel Walsh
future dates TBA

We are excited to have a new teacher in 2023. She is from the north of England and will fit right into the Yoga Rocks vibe; playful, practical and passionate. While Rachel can throw out impressive asana shapes, practising with her is accessible and fun. As with all our retreats here, no pressure to go anywhere uncomfortable or forced. Though she loves a yang there will also be a yin practice balancing the invigorating vinyasa flow.

Rachel stumbled upon yoga (in the form of a dvd!) while travelling in Asia in her early 20s. She discovered lots of other fun things on that trip and the next few years were pretty interesting to say the least!

Back then I probably wasn’t gonna show up to my uni lectures or to your birthday party… But I was dedicated to my yoga practice. It’s the one place you can be yourself… without the bullshit!

Having trained as a teacher in 2016, Rachel has taught thousands of yoga classes; offering a powerful and funky twist on the classical asana and always accompanied by excellent music. She practices and sometimes offers The Rocket which is a powerful sequence sometimes offered as an alternative to the ashtanga sequence – however Rach is super sensitive and will be offering whatever is appropriate for the group on retreat, including some delicious yin practices!

On a mission to live a more balanced life herself, Rachel brings a unique perspective to students who may be looking for more than just the asana. Have a good nosy at her website or follow her on the socials to feel more.

from 950 euro for one week

Rachel is active on Instagram and Facebook…

Rachel Walsh in supine twist
Pincha mayarasana with drop head and straddle variation
Utthita parsva konasana with rachel Walsh coming to Greece