Reema Datta 13-20 May 2017

We are very excited to have Reema Datta lead a retreat for the first time at Yoga Rocks.  Reema was born into a family of yogis and first learned yoga philosophy from her Grandfather, Ayurveda from her Grandmother and mantra and asana from her Mother.  Reema has taught with Danny Paradise and Simon Park and has a vibrant, elegant style which reflects yoga’s deep therapeutic roots.

Inspired by her teacher Lama Thupten Phuntsok who says, There is violence in the world because there is violence in my mind, Reema created YATRI, a holistic approach to yoga which focuses on transforming destructive emotions and thought-patterns such as anger, attachment, anxiety, sadness and fear.

YATRI has 12 foundations which include wisdom, motivation, movement, meditation, communication and personal responsibility.  The practices are based in Indian and Tibetan Yoga as well as contemporary psychotherapies. Her retreat this week will include a fluid, dynamic asana practice as well as meditation, breath-work, mantra, and philosophy.

875 euro 

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