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Reema Datta
Due to our location change in 2019 and a reduced schedule we are disappointed to have to lose Reema from our schedule in 2019. Apologies to those waiting for news on Reema’s Yoga Rocks visit. We hope to have her back sharing her special magic in the future.

Reema Datta returned to lead a retreat at Yoga Rocks for the second time. Her humble, friendly approach to deep and traditional practices is a joy.

Reema was born into a family of yogis and first learned yoga philosophy from her Grandfather, Ayurveda from her Grandmother and mantra and asana from her Mother.  Reema has taught worldwide with Danny Paradise and Simon Park and has a vibrant, elegant style which reflects yoga’s therapeutic roots.

Reema’s classes are a dynamic blend of fluid and invigorating asana sequences coupled with sublime meditations, breath-work, mantra and philosophy. Her rich background in yoga philosophy comes through as her classes offer dimensions into the subtle body. She offers specific sequences of asana and meditations to open blocks in the chakras and vayus, engaging in deep internal work for lasting peace and freedom.  Reema’s warm, heart-centered approach to the deeper aspects of yoga make her classes suitable for all levels.

Reema is influenced by classical Indian and Tibetan Yoga as well as Ashtanga and Dharma Mittra Yoga. Her path is one that honors tradition while being true to the creative principle within.  She is founder of YATRI, a holistic approach to yoga which focuses on transforming harmful thought patterns through movement and meditations rooted in subtle body awareness.


Bridge pose at Triopetra on yoga retreat
Moola bandha required with Reema Datta
A flow retreat with chanting at Yoga Rocks