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A high energy and international group from nine different countries enjoyed a very sunny and sociable yoga holiday here. They enjoyed the area, exploring far and wide, and discovered how developing a personal practice could enhance their yoga experience. The beach excursions and general fun around the retreat played a large part of the holiday.

Sabel Thiam’s encyclopedic knowledge of yoga and the body led to some very interesting discussions. She has worked for the UK’s NHS advising on yoga matters and other interesting posts. This relevant knowledge and her intuition really helped devise great sessions for individuals.  Her personal yoga check in sessions at the beginning of the retreat and OSAS (Open Space Avec Sabel) were really great additions to the yoga classes. One the other teachers will surely use in the future on retreats.

Alon and Sandro said: Sabel is 100% serious about her practice and her knowledge of how the body works inside and out. Her goal for the week was for each of us, no matter our level, to leave the retreat with a personal yoga practice, a series of poses and movements that we could do on our own and build from. She succeeded and we love her for it even though there were moments where we almost broke our bandhas.

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