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A week of self practice at Yoga Rocks with no teacher just space to practice at your own time and pace. This retreat is aimed at those who are happy and confident in a independent yoga practice. Expect to be fully inspired by the supportive energy of the space and your fellow practitioners. Choose indoor or outdoor yoga where the vibe is conducive to a deep and focused practice. Prepared to be surprised what spontaneously occurs in your asana, pranayama or meditation.

As on a normal retreat there will be a help yourself breakfast followed some while later by a delicious buffet lunch and dinner.

We are open to helping to facilitate what the guests are up for, from a super chilled lounge about holiday to a more excitable yoga drenched escapade but realistically it will probably be a bit of both. With no set schedule it is a good opportunity to explore a little further afield than a regular retreat schedule allows – something we are also excited about!

500 euro in a shared room and 700 in a single