Coral Brown

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It's unbelievable what will unfold when we don't force it.


Happily Coral Brown returns in June when her lively, smiley, energetic-ness will be warmly appreciated at Yoga Rocks.    

Coral's love, humility and experience is perfect for imparting the essence of Shiva Rea's Prana Flow Yoga. On this holiday there will be a fertile, open space for healing and transformation lovingly nurtured by Coral as well as a light hearted and fun atmosphere.


Prana flow is an upbeat and creatively flowing style of vinyasa yoga that feels energising, therapeutic and challenging.  All levels will be able to find their place in the flow, learning to engage with their breath, enabling it to guide them through a comfortable practice.  

Coral believes that by letting go of expectations and being kind to yourself you will find the body and mind softening, allowing you to be truly happy and compassionate with yourself and others both on and, more importantly, off the mat.   


850 euro

Enjoy a pre-retreat class with Coral on Yoga Vibes 
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