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This was an amazing holiday not only due to Danny’s solid and inspiring teaching but also the group’s passion for their yoga, from the beginners to longer term practitioners. The varied and energetic group mirrored Danny’s fun and playful attitude, not only coaxing great yoga focus, but also contributing to the jovial atmosphere during the retreat.

Between a myriad of deep, yet lively, discussion topics Danny played his funky music for us and the weather was perfect. Many thanks also to Petros and Dave Stringer who invited us to join them, giving many their first taste of the joys of Kirtan.

Greg wrote in the guestbook: Fantastic time, everything has been perfect…Danny was great and the other yogis and yoginis are the nicest people you could ever meet.   

Helen: Every time I practise with Danny he brings something new and important to my yoga, often something I didn’t know was missing. His open and truly accepting attitude makes him one of the most illuminating teachers around.  

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