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Always great to see the twinkly eyes of new guests who have not experienced Danny’s teaching before. The way they tend to get giddy and excitable is infectious. Danny’s daily extended visit to the Yoga Rocks outdoor deck is incredibly uplifting as the chirpy yogis try out new postures in a supportive and comfortable atmosphere. There’s an inspiring combination of chat, pranayama, nauli before the asana begins. It always stays fresh and keeps guests coming back for more.

Danny’s classes start late, normally about 10.30, and go on until it is time for savasana! There is no need for early nights and plenty of time in the morning for the early birds to walk the area or dip in that crisp, blissful sea.

This week we had film and music nights and also birthdays which meant oodles of cake. Music by the pool under the stars was particularly atmospheric this year and a stunning way to spend an evening.

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