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David Lurey teaching, with his partner Mirjam available for osteopathy, was a stunning combination resulting in a transformational retreat for many of the happy guests.

David’s infectious energy and full commitment to the teaching meant guests not only enjoyed Vinyasa mornings, afternoon Acro yoga, Iyengar influenced yoga and pranayama but also chanting in the evenings and much, much more. Magical double rainbows enveloped his black moon fire towards the end of the holiday and a joyous time was had by all.

Martina: Thank you so much for a wonderful yoga retreat. I loved everything about it, you, the setting, the food and of course, David and Mirjam.

Allison : I can’t recommend it highly enough, truly a voyage of discovery, I am going away with so much more than I arrived with. Looking forward to the next time…with love and joy.

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