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Mr Williams once again at Yoga Rocks with two very relaxed Ashtanga yoga holidays. He tends to attract an interesting and intriguing bunch and these groups were no exception.

The weather was beautiful and most days the sea perfect for group expeditions to David’s favourite beach bar with snorkeling, backgammon and chess. The evening talks at the local taverna were fun and on the second retreat we even squeezed in a boat trip to Preveli.

Led classes morphed into semi Mysore style, with a led standing sequence before guests split into those doing primary and those learning or doing second.

Marc: Thank you (and everyone there) for a really amazing retreat. I have to confess, when I signed up I didn’t really have a full appreciation of David’s place in the yoga world, so to speak, so I feel very lucky to have had my introduction to Ashtanga with him. And doubly lucky for that to have been at YogaRocks, which is a wonderful place in so many ways. I hope I will have the opportunity to return one day.

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