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Many of David’s regular retreat guests returned. A stunningly friendly and vibrant group really enjoyed the relaxed schedule. The days came and went, each starting late morning with a easy going practice of the Ashtanga pranayama followed by the Ashtanga primary series, edited however David saw fit for the day. This was followed by a yummy lunch, leaving time for a nap before the daily trip to the beach for backgammon and snacks. All very optional of course. An early evening meal led into a talk at the taverna covering David’s many years of yoga experiences, film night or possibly more backgammon!

These days more like an open and welcoming yoga family than a yoga retreat, David’s yoga holiday has much to offer those who want to wind down and socialise with a healthy dose of yoga each morning. The vibe is unique and we look forward to David’s 2018 retreat.

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