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We were pretty giddy that Gösta from Svaha Yoga in Amsterdam finally made it to Yoga Rocks. His spirited genius and unlimited enthusiasm flowed through every moment of the retreat. The passionate classes were long and deep leaving the guests seriously in need of savasana but ready and inquisitive to see what would happen next.

All enjoyed great end of season weather with cool evenings, warm beach weather and stunning sunsets. Morning meditation, pranayama and intense flowing asana was balanced with more detailed afternoon workshops, including partner yoga. The free afternoon included a relaxed expedition with dramatic craggy gorges, waterfalls and crazy cold swimming. Thursday night’s kirtan was an epic finale to the week and after some perky classes on Friday everyone was ready to celebrate an incredible retreat at the taverna.

Svaha Yoga meets Yoga Rocks, a blend made in heaven! Thanks Gösta and Patrick, we love you.

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