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Patrick and Gösta are yoga heros. There aren’t many people whose whole lives are this dedicated to yoga. Each day on their retreats you will be bathed in yoga knowledge. It seeps from their pores! Unfortunately we are not lucky enough to have them both at the same time so in 2019 we have Gösta joining us for a week in October

Depending on the weather and the time of year the day may start with some meditation and pranayama, breath management. If you are new to these practices, even a little nervous, then there’s no need to worry. As often is the case, those with the deepest knowledge are very good at simplifying, and the guys are no exception here. Practical and simple instructions will gently direct your breathing and guide your mind to quiet places. If you already enjoy this stuff there is space and time to go deeper.

Gösta & Patrick have devotional personal practices and love chanting – their enthusiasm is contagious but they understand for some it may be right out of their comfort zone. At the beginning of each class chanting is offered as a way to zone in and dedicate your practice, then onto the asana. The physical practice is accessible and grounded with the classes pleasingly balanced. In amongst the flow there are solid traditional poses held for long enough to settle yourself in nicely and enough cheeky advanced asana to challenge long term practitioners.

The afternoons sessions can vary depending on the crowd. Though they are very much on the same page there are subtle difference between their offerings. Gösta is the gobbier of the two, deliciously outlandish yet a secret softie where as Patrick is strong, steady and smooth. We love them both so much and our massively inspired by their dedication and passion.

Yoga Rocks welcomes Gosta teaching vinyasa flow, pranayama and mediation at Yoga Rocks, Agios Pavlos