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A chilled and focused group of lovely ladies, with many returnees, joined Josie for a spring retreat of meditation, pranayama, asana and chanting. It was a bed of positive change with quiet early mornings of sitting followed by an active practice and a delicious brunch. Unpredictable weather meant cosy afternoon classes inside, some vigorous and others fully blissing out in supported restorative poses.

Andrea: I felt cared for and very much so, this is because all of you made such an effort to make everyone be welcome throughout. the yoga was really good, and the location incredible …ah, not to forget the food, it it was excellent.

A little Josie tip: Here’ a gorgeous 12 minute practice for daily use from one of my teachers, Mark Whitwell. I love this practice! He says it’s a 7 minute practice but I often get carried away and it takes me closer to 30mins… but you can absolutely make it your own and do it anywhere and without a mat too: click here for the YouTube playlist

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