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Josie Sykes’s committed practice enriches her teaching and understanding of how yoga can bring positive and practical change in all spheres of your life.

A flowing asana class beginning with meditation and an exploration of pranayama kicks off at around 07.00. She suggests just roll out of bed, clean your teeth and move zombie like to the mat – this leaves your brain in a suitable state for the focused practices to follow. By the end of the session, which moves from subtle inward practices to funky vinyasa flow style, boom, you’ll be fully perked up and ready for the day.

One year on Josie’s retreat we had breakfast, free time, then lunch. The following year brunch came after class then a longer beach exploration time through the middle of the day which suited the weather and group better.

Afternoon yoga classes will vary every day from more restorative to more active workshop style investigations of different areas of asana. You won’t feel any pressure, but over the retreat, you’ll definitely feel stronger and more flexible without overdoing it. Josie currently enjoys opening up the body in a slow and subtle way with a style of asana practice she has more recently adopted through her practising with Mark Whitwell. These old school practices involve moving slowly with the breath with less emphasis on alignment.



Smiley Josie enjoys Cretan fresh air


Some evenings Josie grabs the harmonium for some chanting. It is a powerful, optional practice that can really shift your shit. Guests who are feeling it are very welcome to join in while others chat over tea or enjoy some quality hammock time.