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Liz Warrington leads some of the most ‘unusual yoga’ we have at Yoga Rocks. Scaravelli in it’s origin, in Liz’s expert hands it becomes an exceptionally slow, intuitive practice. Guests are encouraged to feel their way slowly and with great integrity into the poses. Regular yoga poses begin to feel different when entered into with inner communication and personal sensitivity aimed at creating space, liberating and honouring the spine as well as the rest of our being.

This yoga style is something you have to try and feel one day rather than have it described! The space and sensitivity cultivated to feel into the poses seems to have the strong effect of releasing emotional energy and guests often unexpectedly shed a few tears but leave with lighter looking faces and bigger more genuine smiles.

There’s an easy start on Liz’s retreat with about an 08.30 start, then often brunch to clear time for long, uninterrupted beach afternoons. Afternoon sessions also last a couple of hours and back onto dinner where some drink tea until late while others head out for taverna evenings.