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A full and friendly group gathered for Liz’s third retreat at Yoga Rocks. Many returnees set the chilled out vibe that Liz’s classes also promote and demand.

The characterful holiday was enjoyed by the wide range of perky guests all of whom lapped up the deliciously slow classes. A very gentle and inward looking asana practice taught in a unique, organic way really seems to have profound and sometimes surprisingly strong effects.

A very enthusiastic music night enlivened the proceedings. Karma Karlos Karl Harrison used his guitar skills and some guests found their voices, theatrical skills and enthusiasm.  A few evenings later a story telling circle brought the group together further. It really was a fairy tale week with tantalisingly fresh but sunny late season weather which sent everyone diving to the beaches at every opportunity.

Leaving calm, yet excited, about bringing positive changes catalysed during the retreat into real life, many vowed to come back for another dose. Liz is having a fallow year in 2016 but we hope to have her back in the future – it was really a fabulous retreat.

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