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These two succulent weeks with Maria are an institution for many. We really enjoy the genial atmosphere as folks return but also this year, especially on the second week, some lovely new faces too. After an extended introduction including the led Ashtanga primary series on the first morning, Maria continued with self practice every day. The group enjoyed a chilled progression as the yoga holiday progressed. The afternoon classes included pranayama and each yogi could ask for their own personal pranayama sequence to take away with them, encouraging a regular home practice.

Each week the group went off to Spili to shop and appreciated the tasteful Cretan souvenirs! The last Friday night at the taverna was Swedish midsummer and the Swedes (helped by a couple of neighbouring Danes) sang us the traditional frog song. Still confused as to what frogs have to do with midsummer, we really enjoyed their jumping about and that, combined with some newly weds and a big cake, gave us the excuse for a real celebration, not that we really needed one after such a great retreat.

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