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Maria Boox has led some incredible yoga holidays since we began in 2010 – something for which we are very grateful.

The two week retreats see half the group stay for the full two weeks while the other yogis opt to join either one of the weeks. Anyone can join for both, joining for just the second week is for those who already have some experience in practising Ashtanga Mysore style.

Yoga begins on the Sunday morning with a led primary series and then for the rest of the retreat Maria organises a staggered Mysore practice so everyone gets the attention they need. Beginners on the first week wanting to learn Mysore style are fully supported.

Mysore style yoga involves learning the Ashtanga sequence then following it at your own pace in time with your breath. Everyone moves at a pace unique to themselves that day. New practitioners will gain a practice they can carry on confidently on their own when they leave.

Three afternoons are normally left free for extended beach time or excursions. Maria’s schedule values relaxed time particularly for guests doing the unrelenting morning practice that is Ashtanga yoga.

Pranayama has played a strong part of the afternoon sessions since Maria began studying with the renowned Shri. O.P Tiwari and recently many guests leave with their own pranayama sequence. These classes can be more in depth workshop like explorations of the Ashtanga series, to sessions with more emphasis on chanting.  Poetry from Rumi usually enlightens the afternoons with Maria herself seemingly transforming into a funnel for timeless yogic wisdom to be enjoyed and absorbed by all.