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Maria Boox returned once more with a lovely two week retreat and then again for another week in June. Mysore mornings and educative yoga afternoons with a couple of meditation evenings and some well enjoyed excursions.

We enjoyed plenty of return visitors as many of Maria’s students made their yearly visit to Triopetra. Well known faces and new ones alike all went home with a fully polished Ashtanga practice and a good tan. Maria was assisted by Camilla with guests receiving plenty of attention.Everyone found space to enjoy their week in their own way as well as part of a harmonious community.

Maria has a lovely way of putting across yoga philosophy so Helen interviewed her about Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras on our Yoga Rocks Box.

Paul & Maria: Yoga Rocks is a beautiful place (within and without) – the setting is majestic and enhanced by all those who make it possible.

Bernd & Paola: You’ve created a wonderful environment and atmosphere for us during our two week stay. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your lovely hospitality.

Peter: Maria and Camilla, thank you for your patience, commitment and strength! I am grateful to have such good teachers accompanying me on the way 🙂

Maud: I really loved these two weeks and hope to come back some day and the food I won’t forget it, it was marvelous. Thank you to all of you in the crew too.

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